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Antitarnish AG 110 S

An immersion post treatment process for preventing tarnishing of electroplated Silver deposits while maintaining the solderability.  The process does not contain Cr (VI) and is resistant to temperatures up to 150°C.

Antitarnish AG 110

Cr(VI)-free tarnish protection for galvanically deposited Silver layers in the immersion process, without affecting the solderability.

Bright Silver ALTIX

Light, glossy layers of high hardness for decorative and technical use.

Electroless Silver SLOTOCHEM AG 10

Deposition of Silver on Copper surfaces by charge exchange.  Produce of solderable end surfaces on Printed Circuit Boards.

Bright Silver ELFIT 73E

Mirror finish, haze free coatings with low resistivity for decorative and technical use.

Hard Silver SLOTOSIL BSH 2410

Alkaline, cyanide containing electrolyte for the use in continuous and reel-to-reel plating lines.  The hardness of the freshly deposited Silver layers is between 160 and 180 HV0.05 and decreases only insignificantly during storage.

Silver SLOTOSIL BS 1590

The Silver bath provides mirror-like, very bright, haze-free Silver deposits on polished, high-gloss surfaces.

Silver SLOTOSIL BSH 1500

The Silver bath is an electrolyte for strip and continuous systems which deposits shiny, haze-free Silver coatings on Copper, Brass, Nickel Silver and on intermediate layers of Nickel.

Silver SLOTOSIL SG 1910

Silver SLOTOSIL SG 1910 is an alkaline cyanidic process for the deposition of Silver-graphite layers.  The wear resistance is raised by the co-deposition of graphite and results in a higher number of mating cycles compared to Pure Silver layers.

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