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Product Information

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  • Chemical and Electrolytic Strippers For Rack and Repair Parts

  • Etch Solutions, Pre-Treatment for Aluminium

  • Soak and Electro-Cleaners For Aluminium, Zinc Die-Cast, Brass, Steel

  • Acidic Cleaners for PCB´s

  • Cyanide Copper

  • Acid Copper Decorative and PCB-Technique (Pulse Plating, BV-filling)

  • Matt, Satin Semi-Bright, Bright Nickel Processes Sulphur Free Electrolytes

  • Nickel Sulfamate Electrolytes

  • Bright Chrome, Trivalent and Hexavalent Electrolytes

  • Hard Chrome and Black Chrome

  • Bright Silver

  • Hard Silver

  • Anti-Tarnish for Electronics and Technical Applications

  • Immersion Gold

  • Hard Gold

  • Zinc (Cyanide / Alkaline / Weak Acidic)

  • Zinc-Iron

  • Zinc-Nickel (Alkaline / Weak Acidic)

  • Tin-Zinc

  • Hexavalent / Trivalent Chrome Based Solutions

  • Sealants

  • Lubricants

  • Immersion Tin, Semi-bright Tin, Bright / Matt Tin.

  • Matt Tin-Lead.

  • Tin-Copper, Tin-Bismuth, Tin-Silver & Tin-Nickel.

  • Post-Treatment 

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