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The Nickel bath deposits decorative, extremely uniform and well-adhering light gray to anthracite-colored Black Nickel layers within an extremely wide current density range.

Nickel Sulfamate MS

High-speed electrolyte for electroforming, thick Nickel plating and continuous systems.  The electrolyte deposits layers with low internal stresses.

Nickel Bath NORMA

Intermediate layers in the field of electrotechnical and electronic production.  Robust process with ductile and extremely active surfaces.

Super-Bright Nickel SLOTONIK 20

Slotonik 20 is a modern, Bright-Nickel plating bath, suitable for rack plating.  The deposits are fully bright and highly ductile with excellent throwing power.  Levelling is first class even with thin deposits and chromability is impressive.  The separate brightener and leveller additives enable the user to generate reproducible finishes over a wide range of requirements.

Nickel SLOTONIK NIS 2070

The Nickel bath enables the deposition of very low-stress (compressive stress) Nickel layers.

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