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Pre Treatment Include Strippers

Pickling Solution SLOTOCLEAN BZ 50 1

Acid process for dealing with stubborn pickling problems, e.g. degreasing and dissolving scale, carbon, pigments, etc.

Pickle Degreaser SLOTOCLEAN BEF 30

Acid process for removing rust, scale and oxide layers with simultaneous de-oiling/degreasing.

Pickle Degreaser SLOTOCLEAN BEF 1790

Used when the objects to be pickled also have to be de-oiled or degreased at the same time.  Recommended for high-tensile Steels.


Micro-etching, especially for the pre-treatment of Printed Circuit Boards, IC carriers, Copper and Alloy 42 (Nickel/Iron) base material.

Stripper L 60

Two-stage spray process for chemically stripping Tin, Lead and Lead-Tin layers from Copper.  Use in continuous systems.

Rack Stripper SLOTOSTRIP VA 1390

Chemical demetallization for Stainless Steels to remove Tin, Lead-Tin, Copper, Bright and Semi-bright Nickel and limited Silver coatings or coating combinations.

Stripper L 80

Two-stage demetallization process for the chemical removal of Tin, Lead and Lead-Tin layers from Copper.  Universal use.

Stripper L

Cyanide, alkaline demetallization for the chemical removal of metallic coatings from Steel.

Stripper SLOTOSTRIP IN 2180

Removal of Indium from Copper, Brass and Nickel.


Strongly Alkaline for deflashing of IC lead frames.

Stripper E 40

Electrolytic stripping of Tin, Lead and Tin-Lead deposits from Stainless Steel.

Stripper SLOTOSTRIP SN 2320

Electrolytic stripping of Tin-Nickel layers from Nickel layers.

Zincate CNF 10

Produces a Zinc layer on Aluminium and its alloys which allows for direct plating.

Aluminium Pickle SLOTOCLEAN AK 60

Pickle additive for long-running pickles with Sodium Hydroxide content.

SLOTOCLEAN DS 10 Nitric-Free Desmut

A Nitric Acid free process for removing the smut formed during the etching of Aluminium alloys.  The process has a long service life, is easily maintained and has negligible attack on the substrate.

Aluminium Pickle SLOTETCH 590

Acid Aluminium pickle.  Especially suitable for Aluminium alloys.


Copper activation acidic and free from complexing agents applied for the removal of Copper Oxide layers in the PCB technology.


Weak acidic, fluoride-free activation for Copper alloys which contain small quantities of Silicon and Nickel.

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