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Product Information

Post Treatment

Antitarnish ALS 30

A Acid based process for post-treatment of Tin or Tin-Lead plated components.  Prevent discolouration during heat treatment > 200 °C and therefore improves the solderability. 

Antitarnish ALS 20

An  immersion  process  used  to  prevent  active  Copper  surfaces from oxidative  discolouration.  

Conservation SLOTOPROTECT FE 1050

Applied in an immersion process and is a temporary corrosion protection to prevent from film rust on ferrous materials. 

Neutraliser PT 10

This is a Weakly Alkaline product for the post treatment of Tin and Tin-Lead plated components.  It is made up using a liquid concentrate.  It is effective at removing processing residues from the surfaces of plated components, thereby enhancing long term solderability performance.

Post-Dip Solution SLOTODRY 10

Post-Dip Solution SLOTODRY 10  improves  the  drying properties of many surfaces.

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