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Product Information

Anodes & Miscellaneous Equipment

Base Metal Chemicals

We stock and supply base metal chemicals such as Nickel Sulfamate, Nickel Sulphate, Nickel Chloride, Copper Sulphate & Stannous Sulphate from the leading International chemical manufacturers.

Anodes For Electroplating

We can supply anodes suitable for use in electroplating baths such as Tin, Tin-Lead, Nickel, Copper, Mixed Metal Oxide (MMO), and Platinised Titanium anodes.  They can be supplied in various sizes and form factors e.g. dog-bone anodes or slugs, balls etc for use in anode baskets.

All anodes have been sourced for the highest degrees of purity to ensure they give optimum performance during electroplating.

Anode Baskets, Bags & Hooks

Anode baskets can be made in all grades of titanium depending on the application.  The sides and base of our anode baskets are made from a solid sheet.

Anode hooks are supplied in Copper, Stainless Steel or Titanium.

Anode Bags are available in high quality Polypropylene and tailor-made to your size and style.

Plating Heaters

We offer electric immersion heaters for use in a wide variety of applications.

Plating Filter System & Filter Cartridges

Solution filtration is one of the very important factor in electroplating.  

Our filter cartridges are made of pure polypropylene, an inert material which is compatible with a wide range of chemicals.  The filter cartridges are thermally bonds microscopic fibers of polypropylene into a complex filter matrix.  

Plating Barrels

We supply top quality plating barrels.  

Polypropylene Plating Croffles Ball

Plastic Croffles are a well established product used for the surface heat insulation and spray suppression of plating baths and other hot solutions. Applied to the surface of the solution, the air trapped inside the balls maximizes heat insulation and forms an effective barrier to minimize spray and reduce evaporation loss.

Hull Cell & Plating Test Equipment

The hull cell test is designed to analyze the deposit appearance and deposit characteristics of a specific electroplating solution.

Hull Cells are available with or without heat and agitation.

Highly polished with the face surface fully protected by plastic.  Available in Brass, Copper and Zinc Plated Steel.

Anodes for Hull Cell tests are of high quality.  Available in Copper, Phosphorous Copper, Pure Tin, Nickel, Zinc and Platinized Titanium.

Rectifiers for the Hull Cell Test.  Constant current, constant voltage  & digital display.

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