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Product Information


Bright Tin CULMO 20

Sulphur Acid electrolyte, weakly foaming especially for barrel and continuous plating lines.

Bright Tin CULMO NF

Super Bright Tin layers at any thickness for Rack and Barrel application.

Bright Tin GBF 30

Fluoride-free, Acidic electrolyte for the deposition of Bright Tin coatings in reel-to-reel installations.  Depending on plant design and operating temperature high current densities can be achieved.  Foaming of the additives is very low, even during intensive electrolyte agitation.

Bright Tin GF 20 1

Organic-based fluoride and formaldehyde-free process for the deposition of Bright Tin coatings.  Solderability of the Tin coatings is excellent, even after accelerated heat ageing.  The deposits are not sensitive towards fingerprints.  Special developed Tin additive, as far as possible avoids sticking together of small electronic components (ceramic chips). 

Bright Tin SLOTOTIN 70

Suitable for both Rack and Barrel applications, this process can be operated using Sulphuric Acid or a mixture of MSA and sulphuric acid. Together with excellent tarnish resistance the deposit is solderable after heat ageing tests and, by using low foaming additives, solution foaming is not an issue.

Immersion Tin SN 30 1

A replenishable Immersion Plating Solution for the deposition of a protective coating of Tin onto fabricated parts of Copper and Copper alloys.  The Tin deposit provides good solderability retention after extended storage periods.  It can also be used to clean and brighten oxidised Lead or Tin-Lead electroplate.

Matt Tin SAT 10

Ideally suited for the manufacture of PCBs, electronic and precision components, this Sulphuric Acid based process gives a fine grain deposit with excellent covering power and solderability.  Deposits still give good solderability even after heat or steam ageing as required by MIL-M-38510G specification. 

Matt Tin SAT 20 1

Sulphate-free electrolyte with fine-crystalline deposit, good covering power and low sensitivity to bleeding of alkali-soluble galvanoresists.

Matt Tin SAT 30 1

Sulfuric acid electrolyte with fine crystalline deposit, unusually good opacity and excellent soldering behavior.

Matt Tin SLOTOTIN  50

Sulphate-free electrolyte giving a fine crystalline deposit with excellent covering power. Compatible with lead-free solders. Tendency to whisker formation is reduced.

Matt Tin SLOTOTIN 60

Weakly acidic, fluoride-free Matt Tin bath for coating electronic components with glass or ceramic parts.

Tin MBF 20

Acidic, fluoride-free electrolyte for use in continuous systems for Tinning wires or strips with a Semi-matt, finely crystalline appearance.


A strongly acidic, fluoride-free process for the deposition of Matt to Silky-Matt, fine crystalline coatings.  This process is applied in barrel plants.  Components plated with Tin SLOTOTIN 1110 show clearly less tendency to stick together.


The Tin bath is a sulphate-free electrolyte for the deposition of Semi-bright, light Tin layers even at low current densities, eg on geometrically unfavorable parts.  It only contains low-foaming additives, so that no disruptive foaming occurs during drum coating.

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